Contest Winners!

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Carey Watkins "The Navigator"


Previous Winners

Ron Gerow "Very Lucky Guy"

Geoffrey Mull "The Mick"

Michael Kulsum "Treachery"

Terry Hodgson "My Intervention"

Adrienne Baranowski "The End of Time Protocol"

Craig Vollman "Saint Michael"

Henry Q. Duong "Beautiful Man"

Chris Hansell "21 Valleys of Palestine"

Terry Hodgson "Roadkill, Billy Goats & Moonshine"

Lana Newlin "Love in a Box"

Paul Sheridan "The Stark Vendetta"

Fran Wigdor Goodman "Looks"

Amy Rhinehart Bailey "Fish Gutting for Newlyweds"

Zach Bliss for "50 Drinks"

Evgeniya Rakitina-Qureshi & Traraq Qureshi for "Victoria" (in preproduction)


A selection of several more winners

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