Proofreading and Beyond

We have a new service which is mostly targeted towards writers whose English is not their native language (and it's showing up big-time on their pages), or folks who simply need help in the all -important area of smooth and grammatical use of language etc. Many good scripts can be hindered by these easily fixed issues. It's amazing how many good writers are sending out material without making sure it's A-OK in this department.

VIVIENNE KELLEM was a British TV and theater actress at one time and has excellent command of language especially as it pertains to theatricality. She has also worked as an educational assistant for years helping children in these areas including lots of reading and writing. She's helped with scripts from time to time over the years under special circumstances. We're now making this valuable service available to all who need it. Cost depends on the work that's to be done. We ask folks to send a few pages so that price and other logistical issues can be determined. Note: If you also want a script consultation, it can also be arranged. In some cases it’s better to do the consultation after the proofreading; in other cases it doesn't make any difference. (It often depends on the nature of the script). If you're interested in this service, please email or call us. or, (215) 665-1907

Vivienne gave my script the final 'polish'. Not only did she help convert my writing into fluent streamlined English, but she also managed to 'embrace' the spirit of the text and the various characters, which is valuable and not easy to do. My many thanks for her excellent work.
Thanks S. GAL

Hi, Vivienne
I changed everything you wanted. Your changes didn't change the concept of the script. I enjoyed your beautiful handwriting.
I really appreciate what you did for me. I know you put a lot of time into it. Your work worth more than what you got paid, and I hope someday I'll be able to make it up to you.
Wish you the best. Javad