Proofreading and Beyond

We have a new service which is mostly targeted towards writers whose English is not their native language (and it's showing up big-time on their pages), or folks who simply need help in the all -important area of smooth and grammatical use of language etc. Many good scripts can be hindered by these easily fixed issues. It's amazing how many good writers are sending out material without making sure it's A-OK in this department.

JOELLE KELLEM holds a B.A. from Warren Wilson College, a distinctive 4-year private liberal arts college that features a triad approach to higher education--academics, on-campus employment, and community service. She majored in Global Studies, with a concentration in Latin American Studies. While a student at Warren Wilson, Joelle became a prominent immigrant rights organizer in North Carolina. Joelle has spent time abroad studying Spanish, trade policy, and human rights in Guatemala and Mexico. She has also volunteered on the U.S./Mexico border, providing humanitarian assistance to migrants. Joelle is able to speak, read, and write in Spanish on an intermediate level. Before attending Warren Wilson College, Joelle studied at Bennington College, during which time she also worked as an America Reads tutor at a local school, helping students to develop their reading, writing, and computer skills.

Joelle has an excellent command of the English language and is a skilled proofreader. She is detail-oriented and enjoys the process of bringing pieces of writing to heightened levels of clarity and punch.

Address: PO Box 126, Rosendale, NY 12472