Hollywood Script Consulting -

Judy Kellem B.A., M.A.

At Hollywoodscript.com Judy Kellem offers an in depth consultation for both screenplays and manuscripts.

Consultation on Screenplays ($227.50; revisions $ ($207.50; --130 pages or less, 12 point font and normal pagination).

Consultation of Book manuscripts ($495 up to 250 pages double spaced, 12 font and $2/page after that).

Services include exhaustive and copious notes reviewed in a phone consultation or summary email (macro notes only) AND written directly on the text. Feedback is comprehensive, covering everything from the creative to technical aspects of the material. The consultation is geared toward markedly strengthening the writer's pages on all levels, on providing the writer palpable suggestions as to how the screenplay or book can be seriously improved. Thematic and overarching/macro notes are discussed on the phone or in a summary email, then the marked manuscript is returned to the writer (SASE please).


For clients who live far away or simply prefer WRITTEN NOTES, Judy offers this option as well. Also, as a former English language teacher (RSA/CTEFLA Certified), she provides special assistance to clients who are not writing in their native tongue and whose scripts/books require particular attention to language use (more on this below).

To arrange for a consultation or for any further questions you may have, please email Judy at: (judykellem@earthlink.net) or call her at (917) 647-8782.

Judy's turnaround is quick - usually within a week from receipt of material. Please set up an appointment (in advance) for the telephone conference. At the agreed upon time, you'll call her and she'll take as long as necessary to review the large, thematic notes with you. Shortly thereafter, your material will be returned to you with the micro notes clearly written in the margins (SASE please - suggest Priority Mail, Flat Rate Envelope - it's $6.65 postage. If you're in a rush, ask me about scanning/emailing.

When you are ready to start, send your script, a signed release (click here for the release) or call us and we'll send you one by email) and a check payable to Hollywoodscript.com LLC by mail, to:

Judy Kellem
c/o Montclair Main Post Office
POB 1356
Montclair, NJ 07042-9998.

If you want to pay by credit card, please click the PayPal button right below, but be sure to add $6 ($8 outside U.S.) PER SCRIPT as they charge for this service. Thus a typical script would cost a total of $240.15 which includes $227.50 for the consultation, $6.65 for postage to return your marked up script after the phone consultation and $6.00 for the cost of PayPal IF YOU USE IT. Western Union is another method of payment if you so choose.

Scripts can also be sent electronicly (PDF or Final Draft preferred, but try whatever you have). Releases can be signed scanned and emailed or mailed.

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Judy Kellem has lived and worked in various regions and capacities: In Namibia, Africa, as part of a health care program; in Lexington, Mississippi as part of a civil rights organization; in Los Angeles, California, as part of both a crisis shelter for runaways and a TV Network research team. Most recently, she lived in Bologna, Italy, directing a language school and teaching English as a Second Language. Other general experience includes research, story packaging and administrative work at Universal Studios, DreamWorks and Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

She attended Bard College, took her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College and moved to New York City in 1993 receiving her Masters in English and Creative Writing from City College of New York. Judy spent many years in theatre and human rights work, before devoting herself to writing fiction and studying at the Writer's Studio in lower Manhattan.

Judy has been honored by having a story of hers ("LIMBO") published in READING ROOM/3, a prestigious book which comes out twice a year. It's published by Great Marsh Press of New York and features stories, sections of novels, essays, and poetry by well known writers with international reputations as well as new young writers just coming up. Judy and one other writer occupy the latter category. They are referred to as "New American Voices." They share the stage with the likes of Saul Bellow, Judith Rossner and Stanley Crouch (to name a few).

Judy loves working with fellow writers, traveling the minds, the imaginations and fantasies of new voices. For her, it is a real pleasure to sit down with someone's labor of love and not only enjoy the experience of reading it, but becoming part of the process toward making it even stronger.


For writers whose native tongue is not English, she is particularly attentive to language use both in terms of grammar/spelling and context: are words, expressions/slang/jargon, phraseology used appropriately and convincingly; does humor translate; are there cultural inaccuracies or shifts of tone that make the material jarring, characters or story lines unbelievable, etc.


If you feel your work is ready to be shopped, Judy is also available to do "COVERAGE" - studio style analysis in which your material is summarized, rated for strengths and weaknesses and given commentary. (This costs $165 for a standard format script and $325 for a book up to 250 pages, double-spaced, 12 font).

Note-most work submitted to agencies/producers is first given to readers for coverage - THEN the agents/producers read THE COVERAGE, deciding whether or not they want to read the material themselves. Having coverage on hand can therefore speed the process! And it's useful for web site postings of your work.

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JUDY’S RECOMMENDED MOVIE LIST (Random Order/ over 100 Listed):

Grizzly Man
King of Comedy
Muriel’s Wedding
Solaris (New Version)
Woman Under the Influence
Howl’s Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Big Lebowski
Eyes Wide Shut
To Die For
Rosemary’s Baby
Love Liza
Fight Club
The Stepford Wives
Mullholland Drive
Laurel Canyon
Star Wars
The Emprire Strikes Back
Midnight Cowboy
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Waking Life
The Godfather
Raising Arizona
The Pianist
Fire Walk With Me
Ghost World
Bread and Tulips
Moulin Rouge
The Wonder Boys
Breaking the Waves
Being There
Life of Bryan
History of the World
Crying Game
Mona Lisa
Cool Hands Luke
The Tenant
Lost Highway
Blue Velvet
Clockwork Orange
The Shining
Days in Heaven
Time of the Gypsies
Almost all Woody Allen
Apocalypse Now
Before the Rain
The Exorcist
When a Stranger Calls
The Eyes of Laura Mars
Ordinary People
Terms of Endearment
The Hunger
Round Midnight
Jean De Florette
Do the Right Thing
She's Gotta Have It
Maya Deren's Experimental
Fanny and Alexander
Daughters of the Dust
Bicycle Thief
Cinema Paradiso
Leningrad Cowboys Go America
Dreams (A. Kurosawa's)
Il Norte
Little Vera
Ivan The Terrible
Funny Bones
Wings of Desire
Dr. Strangelove
Land Without Bread
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Jacob's Ladder
The Opposite of Sex
Silence of the Lambs
Kiss of the Spiderwoman
The Piano
The Godfather
The Adams Family
Smooth Talk
Boyz in the Hood
Enemies, A Love Story
The Jerk
Blade Runner
Sophie's Choice
Strangers on a Train
The 4th Man
Raise the Red Lantern
A Room With A View
Down By Law
Citizen Kane
On the Waterfront

Saturday Night Fever