HERE IS A SMALL SAMPLE of some writer comments regarding Judy and I taken from the “Analysts And Consultants Report” of Creative Screenwriting Magazine:

“I was allowed to e-mail her with questions all the time. Judy was terrific.”

“The consultant's ability to function as a coach, giving realistic encouragement and useful strategies for coping with a tough industry was strong! Craig is a great consultant and coach!”

“Biggest benefit was the education I have been receiving from Craig regarding plot development and character development etc.”

“The consultant’s honesty regarding the script and my writing was strong, as opposed to other consultants who seemed to say things just to please the writer. The consultant's monthly contest helped generate interest in my script.”

“After winning Craig’s contest, I made a lot of important industry contacts.”

“I would have given up writing a screenplay without him. Now I am unafraid to tackle any project. Craig Kellem is awesome.”

“Judy’s feedback was clear and comprehensive and gave me a better understanding of my script. It helped me to make the script tighter, and in better shape, and made me feel positive about my writing.”

“Craig doesn’t let you give up. He keeps you going no matter how much of his time it takes. He becomes a caring friend. He loves the craft and is honest, kind and tough. I can’t praise him too highly.”

“I won his monthly contest. I feel my writing skills improved under his guidance. After promotion arranged by Mr. Kellem dozens of producers read my script .. I had lots of positive feedback from industry people but unfortunately no sale.”

“Judy gave me confidence to continue writing. I was hip-pocketed by APA for a brief time.”

“I expected the analyst to be completely honest, otherwise I would fail to learn anything, and Judy was honest. The truth hurts sometimes, but ultimately you need to know the truth abut the quality of your script in order to improve it.”

“Judy’s help was really strong, and her support encouraged me to work further on the script and gave me hope that it may someday be on the screen.”

“Craig has a very good development sense and is committed to the screenwriter in making their project market-ready.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Craig. I used a few other consultants who cost more, but Craig’s feedback is always the most helpful.”

“I received 18 requests from studios and agencies for my script.”

“Works In Progress is offered if you would like to work with Craig on a continuing (developmental) basis. Very helpful.”


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