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Although we've always tried our level best to be helpful to our clients by carefully addressing questions about marketing (and have even, on occasion, pointed clients in the "right" direction), Hollywoodscript.com has steadily maintained a certain detachment from this area. The reason? We felt that too many writers focused on the agent/producer side of things when, in fact, they needed to be concerned with the creative status of their scripts. As you may know, we strongly believe that the most effective aspect of marketing is MATERIAL THAT’S TRULY READY. Thus craft has always been our focus.

It is ironic then that even with this attitude, we were awarded an "A" in marketing by Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

But, because of a demand for assistance and exposure after the script is in shape, we started a bi-monthly contest
for our consultation clients. This is the only free bi-monthly contest in existence and often provides results.


On or about the middle of every other month, we will announce the results of our new contest in which we will pick the best and most marketable (in our opinion of course)
CLIENT SCRIPT and announce it with shameless prominence on the MAIN page of our web site. In addition to this SPLASHY ANNOUNCEMENT, the winner will be invited to POST their log line, link and even a scene or two (if you so choose) from your winning work. As part of the big announcement, if you provide the basic summary of your story, we’ll add our obviously GLOWING REVIEW of your project and convert the whole thing into professional “COVERAGE” (FOR FREE) which can be used for submission purposes and, if you so choose, we’ll also POST THE COVERAGE on our site.

WINNING contestants will also receive from our friends at the InkTip.com:

1) An e-mail announcement about your winning screenplay to their vast list of industry professionals (THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE TO ALL WRITERS, SO YOU'LL HAVE A REAL ADVANTAGE!)

2) Placement of at least your logline, synopsis, and resume on their password protected web site. You may also place the treatment and/or script.

3) Include a logline (pitch) for your winning screenplay in their printed publication, Players Marketplace, which is snail-mailed to about 5,000 Industry Professionals. http://www.InkTip.com

We've also made an arrangement with a hot, young company called SCRIPTBLASTER. SCRIPTBLASTER has an incredibly vast database of producers, agents, managers and the like. Our winners will receive their BLASTER PACK WHICH REACHES OVER 1000 PRODUCERS AND AGENTS This means that a version of the FREE SCRIPT COVERAGE (another prize) will be zapped via email directly into the hands of these viable Hollywood honchos. It's set up in a way that industry professionals will respond directly to you. FYI, these services can be effective when the query that they sent out is potent enough (and we will help you make it really good).

Another benefit is that, with the winner's permission, we will notify a select group of producers, agents, etc. some whom have expressed interest in examining new material. We'll forward the glowing coverage of the script for their review along with contact info re the writer.

One other thing, since there are only two of us here, your chance of seriously contending is increased since we only have a small pool of material from which to choose.

A GREAT FEATURE of the bi-monthly contest (IF you want to be in it) is that if your script is not ready the first time around, you're welcome to submit the REVISION (at a discount) and it will be treated as if it were a new script.

Please know that even the best efforts and intentions at garnering industry attention can be a slow, tough road. Sometimes folks get a surprising number of hits from winning the contest and other times the opposite can be true. It can feel like playing the lotto and so it's important to keep the tangible benefits and intentions of the contest close to one's heart. The intentions are: to get you started; to give you a solid win that you can try and parlay; to give you shining coverage that you can distribute; and to give you a shoe in the door at getting read by someone in the business.

Even still, you will undoubtedly have your work cut out as you travel the mercurial highway of marketing your content. Everyone faces this unpredictable road and especially writers who are literally marketing from scratch, who don't have an iota of connection with Hollywood. The contest is meant to push a door or two ajar so that winning material can speak for itself and all voices have a chance to be heard.


For those who are interested, simply contact us and book a consultation or send your script in using the guidelines found in Consulting Craig or Consulting Judy. We do require that you complete our release form which includes a check box to be marked and initialed for you to become eligible. NO APPLICATION FORM IS NECESSARY FOR THIS CONTEST.

Please know that those who do choose to participate do so at their own risk. HSCL will not be liable for any injury, claim or liability resulting from this.

We also encourage you not to submit work until and unless it’s either registered with the Writers Guild, copyrighted or both.

We also reserve the right to:
1. remove what we consider to be an inappropriate listing
2. edit for length and content
3. skip a win cycle or even more if the material we receive is not ready or up to par

We recommend that you not send material to any responding company/agent, producer/manager unless you are certain, through your own research that the company is legitimate.

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