About Us

Craig Kellem's Bio

Script consultant Craig Kellem is an industry professional who has served as a development executive at Universal Television (VP of Comedy Development) where he developed and sold the hit series "Charles in Charge" as well as many other shows such as the acclaimed series, "Domestic Life" which starred Martin Mull, (executive produced by Steve Martin). At 20th Century Fox Television Craig was Director of Development for Late Night, Syndication and Daytime, where he conceived and sold the well received "Roadshow" reality pilot for NBC. He has also served as a SNL staff member (Associate Producer and Talent Consultant) and was a theatrical agent at one time, representing George Carlin and other notables.

Craig has also worked in film, having produced NBC's classic faux documentary, "The Rutles", for Lorne Michaels/Eric Idle.

He has executive produced series for both Network and Syndication—he was Co Executive Producer of "FBI-The Untold Stories" which was broadcast on ABC TV for two seasons. In addition, he Co Executive Produced, and was the show runner for the last two seasons of "The Munsters Today" for Universal.

He has created two literary projects along the way, a novelty book for Barnes and Noble, and a book on Fate for Sid Sheinberg's Bubble Factory. He has taught screenwriting at several colleges as an adjunct professor and has also conducted weekend screenwriting workshops.

He now owns and operates a successful international script consultation company, Hollywoodscript.com, which he runs with his associate Judy Kellem. Craig and Judy help writers to improve their film and TV scripts, and seriously prepare them for the marketplace.

Several films have been produced from these efforts including one studio film, several independent films and a TV movie for the Lifetime Network. Many writers have found agents and have been optioned as well.

Judy Kellem's Bio

Judy Kellem has lived and worked in various regions and capacities: In Namibia, Africa, as part of a health care program; in Lexington, Mississippi as part of a civil rights organization; in Los Angeles, California, as part of both a crisis shelter for runaways and a TV Network research team. Most recently, she lived in Bologna, Italy, directing a language school and teaching English as a Second Language. Other general experience includes research, story packaging and administrative work at Universal Studios, DreamWorks and Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

She attended Bard College, took her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College and moved to New York City in 1993 receiving her Masters in English and Creative Writing from City College of New York. Judy spent many years in theatre and human rights work, before devoting herself to writing fiction and studying at the Writer's Studio in lower Manhattan.

Judy has been honored by having a story of hers ("LIMBO") published in READING ROOM/3, a prestigious book which comes out twice a year. It's published by Great Marsh Press of New York and features stories, sections of novels, essays, and poetry by well known writers with international reputations as well as new young writers just coming up. Judy and one other writer occupy the latter category. They are referred to as "New American Voices." They share the stage with the likes of Saul Bellow, Judith Rossner and Stanley Crouch (to name a few).

Judy loves working with fellow writers, traveling the minds, the imaginations and fantasies of new voices. For her, it is a real pleasure to sit down with someone's labor of love and not only enjoy the experience of reading it, but becoming part of the process toward making it even stronger.

Vivienne Kellem's Bio

Vivienne was a British TV and theater actress at one time and has excellent command of language especially as it pertains to theatricality. She has also worked as an educational assistant for years helping children in these areas including lots of reading and writing. She's helped with scripts from time to time over the years under special circumstances. We're now making this valuable service available to all who need it. Cost depends on the work that's to be done. We ask folks to send a few pages so that price and other logistical issues can be determined. Note: If you also want a script consultation, it can also be arranged. In some cases it’s better to do the consultation after the proofreading; in other cases it doesn't make any difference. (It often depends on the nature of the script).